Buying Real Estate in Orange County, FL

Buying Real Estate in Orange County, FL

Orange County, Florida: A Great Place to Be 

Orange County is situated in the heart of Florida. The county has been governed under a “strong mayor” type of charter administration since 1990, reflecting the county’s urban nature and thriving economy. The Orange County Mayor is the Chair of the Board of County Commissioners under this setup. The Orange County Board of Commissioners comprises members that are elected autonomously from six districts and function in a representative capacity.

System of Administration 

The Mayor is in charge of all County activities, including the County’s $4.4 billion budget and over 8,000 workers. The Mayor’s office administers the Orange County Public Library System, the Sheriff’s Office, other constitutional agencies, and public health and safety procedures for inhabitants and over 75 million yearly tourists.

Demographics of Orange County 

As of the 2020 census, the county’s population was 3,186,989 and is expected to grow at a steady yet slow pace. 

The following racial and ethnic statistics were recorded in the 2010 US Census. 

  • White people made up 63.6 percent of the population (46.0 percent Non-Hispanic White)
  • Black people made up 20.8 percent of the population (19.5 percent Non-Hispanic Black) (5.4 percent Afro-Caribbean/West Indian American)
  • Hispanic or Latino of any race made up 26.9% of the population.

There were 421,847 households, 30.81 percent of which had children under the age of 18, 43.50 percent were married couples, 15.65 percent had a female housewife without a husband present, and 35.18 percent of which were non-families. 

Individuals made up 24.85% of all households, and 6.08 percent (1.71 percent male and 4.37 percent female) had anyone living by themselves who was 65 years or older. The average household size was 3.19, and the median household income was 2.6.

The Housing Market in Orange County, Florida 

The Orlando housing market is fiercely competitive.  Orlando housing prices were up 20.4 percent year over year in December 2021, with an average price of $339K. Homes in Orlando sold after an average of 12 days on the market, down from 22 days the year before. In December of this year, 1,233 residences were sold, down from 1,282 the previous year.

  • Many homes receive numerous offers, with some restrictions dropped.
  • The average home sells for 1% less than the asking amount and goes pending in roughly 12 days.
  • Hot houses can sell for 2% above the asking price and go pending in as little as 5 days.

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