Ryan Scotson

Realtor/Co-founder/Property Manager


Ryan was born in Toledo, Ohio. His family moved to the Dr. Phillips area of Orlando back in the mid ‘80s. After graduating from high school, and shortly after 9/11, Ryan joined the Air Force where he served as a network manager. Following his time in the military, Ryan moved back home to begin school and pursue a career in sales.

Ryan graduated from Valencia College with an Associate’s Degree in business. He then dual-enrolled at the University of Florida Warrington College of Business and the UCF Rosen School for Hospitality Management. After working multiple sales jobs within various industries – and with only two semesters left to graduate – Ryan elected to leave school in order to keep up with his thriving real estate and property management business.

Ryan specializes in all aspects of property management and working with buyers and sellers of residential properties. Today, Ryan is married to his lovely wife, Emily, and he has three sons (ages 3, 10 and 14). 

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